Faces of Radio

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Bud Abbott, the tall half of Abbot & Costello
Bud Abbott
Douglas Adams, author of The HitchHikers Guide To The Galaxy
Douglas Adams
character actor Mason Adams
Mason Adams
Ben Alexander of Dragnet
Ben Alexander
Fred Allen
Fred Allen
Gracie Allen, radio's most famous airhead Gracie Allen Don Ameche, alias John Bickerson
Don Ameche
Dana Andrews played Matt Cvetic in I Was A Communist For The FBI Dana Andrews Eddie Anderson, forever known as Rochester Eddie Anderson Mother Angelica, the cloistered nun who founded a global broadcasting network. Mother Angelica Diane Appleby played Emma Peel on The Avengers Diane Appleby
John Archer as 'Lamont Cranston' John Archer Graham Armitage played Sherlock Holmes on South African Springbok Radio Graham Armitage Edward Arnold, screen and radio heavy Edward Arnold Sholem Asch, author of The Nazarene Sholem Asch writer Isaac Asimov Isaac Asimov
Parley Baer played Chester on the series Gunsmoke Parley Baer Lauren Bacall Lauren Bacall Lucille Ball Lucille Ball The great Lionel Barrymore Lionel Barrymore Harry Bartell Harry Bartell Bob Bailey, of 'Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar' Bob Bailey click for biography
Ed Begley
Jackson Beck was the radio voice of Philo Vance.(He was also Tony The Tiger)
Jackson Beck
Brace Beemer, The Original Lone Ranger
Brace Beemer
Joan Bennett
Joan Bennett
Benjamin Kubelsky, alias Jack Benny
Jack Benny
Edgar Bergen, with Charlie McCarthy
Edgar Bergen
FatherTed Berndt recorded A Soldiers Silent Night
FatherTed Berndt
Ed Bishop played Philip Marlowe on the BBC
Ed Bishop
Mel Blanc, voice extroardinaire Mel Blanc David Brian, star of Mr. District Attorney David Brian Legendary Producer/Director/Creator, Himan Browns productions include audio works such as Inner Sanctum, The Thin Man, Radio Mystery Theater, Terry and the Pirates, Bulldog Drummond,  Dick Tracy, Adventure Theater, Grand Central Station, and an endless list of daytime soap operas. Incredible Himan Brown continues to produce quality audio drama before live audiences and tapes them for distribution. He also lectures and teaches. Himan Brown John Brown, voice of Broadway on Damon Runyon Theater
John Brown
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Nigel Bruce
William Bendix
William Bendix
author Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury
David Brian, alias Mr. DA
David Brian
Himan Brown, producer of CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Himan Brown
Bob Burns
Bob Burns
George Burns
George Burns
Raymond Burr
Raymond Burr
James Cagney
James Cagney
Eddie Cantor
Eddie Cantor
Fran Carlon played Loralei Kilburn in Bigtown
Fran Carlon
Art Carney
Art Carney
Dick Cathcart, the real coronet player behind Pete Kellys Blues
Dick Cathcart
Jeff Chandler plays Michael Shayne
Jeff Chandler
GK Chesterton, creator of Father Brown
GK Chesterton
John Cleese
John Cleese
Jeremy Clyde, the voice of Raffles
Jeremy Clyde
Michael Cochrane, the voice of Raffles sidekick Bunny Manders
Michael Cochrane
Bud Collyer was the radio voice of Superman
Bud Collyer
Ronald Colman, voice of Dr. Hall in Halls Of Ivy
Ronald Colman

Bill Conrad
Hans Conried
Hans Conried
Tom Conway, one of the voices of Sherlock Holmes
Tom Conway
Wyllis Cooper, writer of Whitehall-1212, Lights Out, and Quiet,Please
Wyllis Cooper
Lou Costello, the short half of Abbott & Costello
Lou Costello
Staats Cotsworth, star of Casey, Crime Photographer
Staats Cotsworth
Joseph Cotten
Joseph Cotten
writer Bert Coules
Bert Coules
Alexander Courage, composer for 'Broadway Is My Beat'
Alexander Courage
Kenneth Cranham appears as Inspector Dover
Kenneth Cranham
Broderick Crawford, one of the many faces of Suspense
Broderick Crawford
Matt Cvetic, the real-life Communist For The FBI
Matt Cvetic
Les Damon, radio's 'The Falcon'
Les Damon
Lindsey Davis, Creator of Falco
Lindsey Davis
Ted de Corsia, one of the voices of Mike Hammer
Ted de Corsia
John Dehner, starred in 'Have Gun Will Travel'
John Dehner
Maurice Denham starred in the Rumpole Of The Bailey series on BBC Radio
Maurice Denham
Larry Dobkin
Larry Dobkin
Brian Donlevy
Brian Donlevy
Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Conan Doyle
Robert Dryden appeared frequently on CBS Radio Mystery Theater and many other shows.
Robert Dryden
Neil Dudgeon plays barrister Norman Birkett on the BBC
Neil Dudgeon
Howard Duff, radio's Sam Spade
Howard Duff
Steven Dunne replaced Howard Duff as Sam Spade for the last 24 episodes
Steven Dunne
Blake Edwards, writer
Blake Edwards
Douglas Fairbanks Jr., star of The Silent Men
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
George Feniman, with Groucho Marx
George Feniman
David Ferry, star of Midnight Cab
David Ferry
Glenn Ford, alias Christopher London
Glenn Ford
Bill Forman, the voice of The Whistler
Bill Forman
Don Francks appears as Archie Goodwin in the CBC Nero Wolfe series
Don Francks
David Friedkin, writer for 'Broadway Is My Beat'
David Friedkin
Thomas Lopez (aka Meatball Fulton)
Meatball Fulton
Erle Stanley Gardner, creator of Christopher London
Erle Stanley Gardner
John Garfield, one of the many faces of Suspense
John Garfield
William Gargan, radio's Barry Craig
William Gargan
British actor Robert Glenister
Robert Glenister
Sidney Greenstreet, radio's Nero Wolfe
Sidney Greenstreet
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Virginia Gregg
Edmund Gwenn was best remembered as Santa Claus in Miracle On 34th Street
Edmund Gwenn
Fred Gwynne, best known as Herman Munster, appeared frequently on  CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Fred Gwynne
Radio & TV actor Larry Haines
Larry Haines
Alan Hale
Alan Hale
Andy Hamilton, the man behind Old Harry's Game
Andy Hamilton
Stacy Harris, star of This Is Your FBI
Stacy Harris
Rex Harrison stars in The Private Files Of Rex Saunders
Rex Harrison
Van Heflin, radio's first Philip Marlowe
Van Heflin
Radio host Hugh Hewitt
Hugh Hewitt
John Hodiak stars in Suspense - The Big Heist
John Hodiak
Al Hodge, voice of The Green Hornet. click for biography
Al Hodge
Sir Michael Horden, the BBC's voice of Jeeves
Sir Michael Horden
E W Hornung, creator of Raffles
E W Hornung
Roy Hudd starred in The Newly Diecovered Casebook Of  Sherlock Holmes
Roy Hudd
Jim & Marian Jordan, better known as 'Fibber Magee & Molly'
Jim & Marian Jordan
Kerry Jordan appeared as Doctor Watson in the South African series Stories Of Sherlock Holmes
Kerry Jordan
Jay Jostyn, Mr District Attorney
Jay Jostyn
William Henry Pratt, a.k.a. Boris Karloff
Boris Karloff
H V Kaltenborn, newscaster H V Kaltenborn Stacy Keach,Jr narrates The Twilight Zone Stacy Keach, Jr Stacy Keach, Sr., producer of Tales Of The Texas Rangers Stacy Keach, Sr writer Ernest Kinoy Ernest Kinoy The voice of Boston Blackie, Richard Kollmar Richard Kollmar Mandel Kramer, one of several voices of Johnny Dollar
Mandel Kramer
Otto Kruger
Otto Kruger
click for biography
Jack Kruschen
Alan Ladd, star of 'Box 13'
Alan Ladd
Lloyd Lamble played The Shadow in The Brief Fame Of John Copper
Lloyd Lamble
Glen Langan, best remembered as The Amazing Colossal Man, played Chuck Morgan on Stand By For Crime
Glen Langan
Frances Langford
Frances Langford
Charles Laughton
Charles Laughton
Tough guy Sheldon Leonard
Sheldon Leonard
Anton Lesser, the voice of Marcus Didius Falco
Anton Lesser
C S Lewis, author of the Screwtape Letters
C S Lewis
Alan Lightman, author of Einstein's Dreams
Alan Lightman
Phillips H Lord, producer of GangBusters
Phillips H Lord
Peter Lorre
Peter Lorre
Frank Lovejoy, star of 'NightBeat'
Frank Lovejoy
Myrna Loy
Myrna Loy
Bela Lugosi's biography, written by his son
Bela Lugosi
John Lund, one of the voices of Johnny Dollar
John Lund
Ida Lupino
Ida Lupino
Joel MacRae in 'Tales of the Texas Rangers' Click for bio
Joel MacRae
E G Marshall, host of CBS Radio Mystery Theater
E G Marshall
Groucho Marx' Click for bio
Groucho Marx
Mercedes McCambridge
Mercedes McCambridge
Movie tough guy Charles McGraw stars in Suspense - 227 Minutes Of Hate
Charles McGraw
Harp McGuire starred in the South African version of NightBeat
Harp McGuire
Patrick McLean, creator of How To Succeed In Evil
Patrick McLean
H C McNeile, creator of Bulldog Drummond' Click for bio
H C McNeile
Howard McNear played Doc on the series Gunsmoke.  Click for biography.
Howard McNear
Tom Meehan, the radio voice of Peter Troy
Tom Meehan
Edith Meiser, who brought Sherlock Holmes to radio
Edith Meiser
Walter M Miller Jr, author of A Canticle For Liebowitz
Walter M Miller Jr
Martin Milner
Martin Milner
Jan Miner, Mary Wesley on Boston Blackie
Jan Miner
John Mather, 'The Cisco Kid'
John Mather
James Mason
James Mason
Leo McKern, the real Rumpole Of The Bailey
Leo McKern
Clive Merrison appears as Sherlock Holmes in the newer BBC productions
Clive Merrison
Gerald Mohr
Gerald Mohr
Donald Monat played John Steed on The Avengers
Donald Monat
Agnes Moorehead
Agnes Moorehead
Chester Morris, alias Boston Blackie
Chester Morris
Carlton E Morse, creator of 'Gangbusters'
Carlton E Morse
John Mortimer, creator of Rumpole of the Bailey
John Mortimer
Jimmy Mulville appears as Thomas in Old Harry's Game
Jimmy Mulville
David Niven
David Niven
Lloyd Nolan
Lloyd Nolan
Character actor Jay Novello
Jay Novello
Arch Obler, creator of 'Lights Out', with TommyCook
Arch Obler
Edmond O'Brien of 'Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar'
Edmond O'Brien
Dennis O'Keefe, star of T-Man
Dennis O'Keefe
Edward Pawley, the racket-busting editor of BigTown, played a gangster in G-Men and Each Dawn I Die with James Cagney
Edward Pawley
Vic Perrin,veteran radio actor, was the voice of 'control' on The Outer Limits tv series
Vic Perrin
Jon Pertwee, of The Navy Lark
Jon Pertwee
Brock Peters stars in the Suspense episode The Black Whale
Brock Peters
Father Patrick Peyton, creator of Family Theater
Father Patrick Peyton
Sylvia Picker, alias Suzy from Box 13
Sylvia Picker
click for biography
Dick Powell
William Powell
William Powell
Vincent Price, radio's 'The Saint''
Vincent Price
George Raft
George Raft
Basil Rathbone
Thelma Ritter appeared as Moe in Pickup On South Street on Lux Radio Theater
Thelma Ritter
Edward G Robinson
Edward G Robinson
Writer Gene Roddenberry as a Klingon
Gene Roddenberry
announcer Bill Roddy
Bill Roddy
Hugh Rouse, the voice of Inspector Carr of Epic Casebook
Hugh Rouse
Damon Runyon, author 'Damon Runyon Theater'
Damon Runyon
Andrew Sachs played Watson in The Newly Diecovered Casebook Of  Sherlock Holmes
Andrew Sachs
Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Archbishop Sheen
Frank Sinatra stars as Rocky Fortune
Frank Sinatra
Alfred Shirley played Watson to John Stanley as Holmes
Alfred Shirley
John Shrapnel, BBC's voice of Inspector Morse
John Shrapnel
J. Scott Smart, 'The Fat Man'
J. Scott Smart
James Stewart, star of The Six Shooter
James Stewart
Lowell Thomas, commentator
Lowell Thomas
Larry Thor, star of Broadway Is My Beat
Larry Thor
David Threllfall, the voice of Father Paulo Baldi
David Threllfall
George W Trendle, creator of the Green Hornet & The Lone Ranger
George W Trendle
Lurene Tuttle
Lurene Tuttle
Claire Trevor, the first Loralei Kilburn from BigTown
Claire Trevor
Louis Van Rooten from 'Box 13'
Louis Van Rooten
Michael Voris, host of The One True Faith
Michael Voris
Ned Weaver, one of the voices of Bulldog Drummond
Ned Weaver
Jack Webb, forever known as Joe Friday
Jack Webb
Orson Welles, star of Mercury Theater, The Lives Of Harry Lime, and lots of other stuff
Orson Welles
Timothy West, the voice of Rumpole on the BBC
Timothy West
Dr. David Allen White
Dr. David Allen White
Richard Widmark, one of the many faces of Suspense
Richard Widmark
Michael Williams played Watson opposite Clive Merrison as Holmes on the BBC
Michael Williams
P G Wodehouse, creator of Jeeves
P G Wodehouse
Monty Woolley, radio's Magnificent Montague
Monty Woolley
Ben Wright
Ben Wright
Keenan Wynn
Keenan Wynn
Barton Yarborough, Joe Friday's sidekick
Barton Yarborough
Robert Young
Robert Young
Roland Young, the voice of Topper
Roland Young

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