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Rex Saunders
From the 51-05-23 San Mateo Times:

We've neglected radio recently and, to be honest, there has been little in the industry outside of the routine to talk about. However, this week, in cooperation with the NBC engineering department, which so kindly made a special recording for us, and KSMO, which permitted us the use of one of its recording studios to listen to the disc, we got a chance to investigate the merits of KNBC's new mystery thriller, "The Secret Files of Rex Saunders." Heard every Wednesday night at 7:30, this thriller is typical of radio mystery shows. However, it has one thing the others don't--that is a sauve Englishman by the name of Rex Harrison. Harrison turns in a better than average performance as a private detective. With the help of an assistant played by Leon Janey, the "dick" goes his way solving a new mystery each week. Impressing us most was the quiet manner in which Harrison plays his new role. Not once during the entire half hour show did he raise his voice enough to activate the decible meter on the KSMO switchboard. Most radio detectives are of the loud and fast talking type, who just love to order their girl friends and constituted police authorities around like mad. Harrison's show keeps away from this sort of thing. The show we were fortunate enough to hear was the broadcast last Wednesday, May 16. It turned out to be a fairly suspensive affair, well presented, well directed and not too "horrific" as radio mysteries go.

Sample shows - left click headphones to listen, right-click & save-as to download

Show Title Broadcast Date File Size Length
Left-click to listen, Right-click to download Lady With Hate In Her Heart 5/5/51 8.37 00:29:16 Rex is waylaid by a blonde with a gun. Complications follow.

Left-click to listen, Right-click to download A Shocking Still Life 5/9/51 8.53 00:29:48 An enigmatic portrait leads Rex into intrigue and murder.

Left-click to listen, Right-click to download Done To Death 5/15/51 7.56 00:26:24 Rex has to guard a frightened diamond courier.

Left-click to listen, Right-click to download Game With Death(audition tape) 5/23/51 10.1 00:27:20 A gambling ship, murder, and a frame.

Left-click to listen, Right-click to download Shallow Graves 5/30/51 8.53 00:29:48 Rex gets involved with blackmail.

Left-click to listen, Right-click to download Namely Murder 6/27/51 9.73 00:28:23 After a rather unique way of being hired, Rex is sent to find a man's missing nephew.

Left-click to listen, Right-click to download Murder Is A Silent Companion 7/11/51 9.13 00:27:04 Rex finds danger and intrigue aboard a train.

Left-click to listen, Right-click to download Till Death Do Us Part 7/18/51 3.06 00:26:41 Loaded with cliches, but Rex Harrison has such a great voice it's still a great listen.

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